Artesania 22519 Build the 1:75 scale wooden model of the boat called Belem, the French training ship from 1896. The naval modeling kit has the official accreditation of the Belem Foundation and the highest quality parts.

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Build the 1:75 scale wooden model of the boat called Belem, the French training ship from 1896. The naval modeling kit has the official accreditation of the Belem Foundation and the highest quality parts. It is aimed at modelers with an advanced level.


The Belem, launched in 1896, is the last French three-masted ship, the oldest three-masted sailing ship in Europe and the second largest sailboat staying in France. Built in Nantes, and used more than anything in the Caribbean, this old cargo sailboat alternated by English, Italian and French hands again. 

The Belem was motorized and renamed for various uses - luxury cruise ship and training ship - and was finally discovered by chance in Venice in a bad state of conservation in the late 1970s by a nostalgic fan. Purchased with the support of a large French bank, which financed the foundation that began its restoration, the Belem training ship is now reconverted into cabotage: it offers initiation and discovery courses for enthusiasts, and is intended for the French Navy for the training of its cabin boys, appearing in addition in the great meetings of traditional sailboats. 

The Belem received the classification of Historical Monument on February 27, 1984.   


The wooden model of the training ship Belem, created by Artesania Latina, has the formal accreditation of the Belem Foundation. The ship model kit of this wonderful boat is made of wood, and it also has numerous parts of metal. The fact is it has more than 1,300 parts so that the advanced level modelers - after there is an expert level- enjoy the assembly of this model of the French sailboat. 

Definitely, Belem ship model kit contains the highest quality parts: laser-cut board with different thicknesses, birch wood strips and rods, linden veneer, chemical cuttings in steel and brass, castings, decals for the details of the helmet as depth marks and the name of the ship, cotton sewn sails ready to be placed, cotton threads for the rigging and a very important bonus for you: a wooden exhibition base

Besides, it brings a DVD for computer (Windows and Mac) with optimal step-by-step instructions thanks to its 1,500 color images and its video tutorials. The kit does not include printed instructions. Once it is built, this faithful miniature replica of the Belem measures 31.73'' (806mm) length, 10.07'' (256mm) width and 21.25'' (540mm) height.

Worthy of being highlighted, the Belem has a spectacular bow winch, with great details, and can be assembled with around 30 parts... Fall in love with this beautiful boat!

Paint this model with the Pack of Acrylic and Water-Based Paints for the Belem Scale Model, for sale separately.

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